Jallin Habbey Supporter

Character Information
Name Jallin Habbey
Level 415
Guild Caixao Sorridente
Last online about 9 hours ago
Born July 05, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Jallin Habbey , Old Machine Ykz and Kazami Kun killed Viciado Quimico - 2 days ago
Patiife , Golden God Il , Golden Angell and El Raio Spartan killed Jallin Habbey - 3 days ago
Gustaveera Cxs , Horus Cxs , Barbosa Cxs and Jallin Habbey killed Doutrinador Il - 3 days ago
Barbosa Cxs , Gustaveera Cxs and Jallin Habbey killed Pior Pally - 3 days ago
Jallin Habbey and Gustaveera Cxs killed Lord Perciva - 3 days ago
Patiife , Relielfro , Jallin Habbey and Valdir Camara killed Golden Arcanjo - 3 days ago

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