Szakal Bdjl Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Szakal Bdjl
Level 579
Guild Bande De Joyeux Loufoques
Last online currently online
Born December 11, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Szakal Bdjl , Drunk Lucario , Boom Fruit and Kon Tokyo killed Sick Pan - 3 days ago
Il Hunter Dls , Sick Steroid , Sick Bunny Il , Sick Pan and Ultimate Xeus killed Szakal Bdjl - 3 days ago
Szakal Bdjl and Zielle Vte killed Ust Mage - 4 days ago
Smol Giggle Moo and Ngs Definha killed Szakal Bdjl - 5 days ago
Sky Kriippitin and Ismaelyulo killed Szakal Bdjl - 6 days ago

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