Sungavinh Supporter

Character Information
Name Sungavinh
Level 326
Guild Il Xandar Il
Title Magic Archer
Last online about 21 hours ago
Born April 19, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Armen Of Fz killed Sungavinh - about 21 hours ago
Sungavinh killed Crimsion Knight - about 21 hours ago
Ico Ff killed Sungavinh - about 23 hours ago
Sungavinh killed Apudgt - about 23 hours ago
Khea Lit , Sungavinh and Magic Account killed Matador Rack - 1 day ago
Jefry Indo and Sungavinh killed Miguel Gaming - 1 day ago
Sungavinh killed Kazamakunn - 1 day ago
Sungavinh killed Magic Account - 1 day ago
Sungavinh killed Blacktyu - 1 day ago

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