Character Information
Name Starxck
Level 233
Guild Bds Bad Dogs
Last online about 4 hours ago
Born June 10, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Starxck and God Archer Vh killed Il Evil Mage Sz - about 15 hours ago
El Alan and Starxck killed Gqwertgb - about 16 hours ago
Bope Dashow and Jhcii killed Starxck - about 16 hours ago
Jhcii , Starxck and Farm Kid Kkk killed Il Ataka Lixao - about 16 hours ago
Starxck and Ixl Kyoia Ixl killed Anbreon - about 17 hours ago
Eu Sou Br Porra and Starxck killed Pro Pedro Geme - 1 day ago
Starxck and Deus Sagitario killed Ddpdjjd - 1 day ago
Probils killed Starxck - 5 days ago
Samuel Gatao killed Starxck - 5 days ago
Starxck killed Samuel Gatao - 5 days ago
Abuser Of Awk and Starxck killed Munhoz Bp - 5 days ago
God Ursin Il killed Starxck - 5 days ago
Polar Fox , Konrado Ggg , Starxck and Vinyplays killed Thiiago Potter - 5 days ago
Mini Japa killed Starxck - 6 days ago
Starxck and Blakemanba killed Low Skillmax - 6 days ago

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