Character Information
Name Ssxxlpszzzss
Level 182
Last online 31 minutes ago
Born November 02, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Julii Roman , Masterfuker and Ssxxlpszzzss killed Geraldo Dark - about 2 hours ago
Matgame Ooo , Ssxxlpszzzss and Sad Boy Low killed Davi Do Nascime - about 7 hours ago
Ataka Garaio Sz killed Ssxxlpszzzss - about 7 hours ago
Exterminador Bi , Davi Do Nascime and Ssxxlpszzzss killed Killerrrjl - about 7 hours ago
Ssxxlpszzzss , Wellingxd and Exterminador Bi killed Luara Silva - about 7 hours ago
Wiwkw , Ssxxlpszzzss and Ufhigg killed Wender Henrique - about 7 hours ago
Ssxxlpszzzss killed Puchi Hernandez - about 23 hours ago
Im Kill Switch killed Ssxxlpszzzss - 3 days ago
Jwudndhwidggsig and Ssxxlpszzzss killed Triettt - 5 days ago
Qt Sexy Ninja and Ssxxlpszzzss killed Death Rg - 5 days ago
Ss Kira Ss killed Ssxxlpszzzss - 6 days ago

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