Sofia Toxica

Character Information
Name Sofia Toxica
Level 225
Guild Legendary Aces
Title Offline Magic Trainer V Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born February 20, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Romeobv , Azul Mrs and Santiago Wp killed Sofia Toxica - about 1 hour ago
Sofia Toxica killed Santiago Wp - about 1 hour ago
Sofia Toxica killed Yhdhdhhdhd - 4 days ago
Platanoa , Sofia Toxica and Yhdhdhhdhd killed Kjdhdibdf - 4 days ago
Sofia Toxica killed Platanoa - 4 days ago
Fire Force Il and Alald Vjg Dos killed Sofia Toxica - 4 days ago
Leleving , Sofia Toxica , Freak Wizard , Agent Of Deathh and Eljake killed The Warrior Tr - 6 days ago
Sofia Toxica , Agent Of Deathh , Eljake and Freak Wizard killed Motrimprt - 6 days ago
Freak Wizard and Sofia Toxica killed The Warrior Tr - 6 days ago
Leoelinsanoxd , Sofia Toxica and Tienda Alex killed Keyliz - 6 days ago
Tienda Alex killed Sofia Toxica - 6 days ago
Guardian Raiden , Sofia Toxica , Chicabonita and Una Cuenta Mas killed Sofia Liric - 7 days ago
Sofia Toxica , Liaosgsi and Rucoyel killed Rayod Xd - 7 days ago
Ksksksksskk and Sofia Toxica killed Harry Potter Il - 7 days ago
Ksksksksskk , Rucoyel and Sofia Toxica killed Clabron - 7 days ago

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