Skill Sand Supporter

Character Information
Name Skill Sand
Level 358
Guild Aa Oldlegion Aa
Title Clyde Rabbit Slayer III Rare
Last online 1 day ago
Born June 05, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Skill Sand and Douma Lua Il killed Fpsslayer Three - 1 day ago
Skill Sand killed Yoruichioi - 1 day ago
Skill Sand killed Querotuamae - 1 day ago
Skill Sand killed Ultra Sb - 5 days ago
Skill Sand killed Benjaminelcrakl - 5 days ago
Tueohdn , Skill Sand and Kingblackhacker killed Ryojin Vll - 5 days ago
Ronaldin Gauchi and Skill Sand killed Charlolte - 5 days ago

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