Dgl Obscuro

Character Information
Name Dgl Obscuro
Level 412
Guild Dragon Lords
Title Archer
Last online about 16 hours ago
Born August 11, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Dgl Obscuro , Bad Archxr Il , Scelis and Crazy Sidoka Xl killed Xl Azrael Xl - 1 day ago
Paulo Rb , Icy Akame , Dgl Obscuro , Unknown Dist , Il Kami Sama Il and Fx Eddu killed Xild - 5 days ago
Il Kami Sama Il , Unknown Dist and Dgl Obscuro killed Oie Il - 5 days ago
Narido and Dgl Obscuro killed Kord Pro - 5 days ago
Kai Comeback , Yintong , Loz Vn and Dgl Obscuro killed Fz Il Iron Man - 7 days ago
Loz Vn and Dgl Obscuro killed Hieu Hxndsome - 7 days ago
Dgl Obscuro killed Silent Cold - 7 days ago

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