Sbs Sj Supporter

Character Information
Name Sbs Sj
Level 222
Guild Il Mexican Fire Li
Title Online Trainer III Rare
Last online 1 day ago
Born February 01, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Mvnoo killed Sbs Sj - 1 day ago
Sbs Sj and Coezlaanlm killed Ryuk Olum Meleg - 4 days ago
Tilasco Avara killed Sbs Sj - 6 days ago
Argente Tk , Sbs Sj , Sow Mytical and Xxchristian Xx killed Lord Kill Pk - 6 days ago
Xxchristian Xx and Sbs Sj killed Cola Rato - 6 days ago
Ubermaluco , Sbs Sj , Loreillll and Gaspainho killed Jkddsks - 6 days ago

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