Character Information
Name Sasukeyunior
Level 225
Guild The Smiling Coffin
Title Online Trainer IV Ultra Rare
Last online 4 days ago
Born June 12, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Bkcargerani killed Sasukeyunior - 4 days ago
Sasukeyunior and Kid Goran killed Intackdraw - 4 days ago
Gravei and Sasukeyunior killed Gaspainho - 5 days ago
Gaspainho killed Sasukeyunior - 5 days ago
Sasukeyunior killed Abism Low - 5 days ago
Best Kritical and Sasukeyunior killed Sr Lautaro - 5 days ago
Sasukeyunior and Orgen Odacerm killed Canserbero Csb - 5 days ago
Yeison Dd , Sasukeyunior and Ezeeqkzk killed Low Op Gg - 5 days ago
Rn Imorrivel killed Sasukeyunior - 6 days ago
Wizard Godz killed Sasukeyunior - 6 days ago
Sasukeyunior and Cacad killed Ayat Jia - 6 days ago
Sasukeyunior killed Mrboot Th - 7 days ago
Psgg , Ili Killer Ill and Sasukeyunior killed Il Gabi Lkz Il - 7 days ago
Net Slayer Bdjl killed Sasukeyunior - 7 days ago
Sasukeyunior , Net Slayer Bdjl and Xkeynerx killed Wiyu Yt - 7 days ago

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