Sarius Vn Online

Character Information
Name Sarius Vn
Level 305
Title Lizard Slayer VII Legendary
Last online currently online
Born August 19, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Sarius Vn killed Imnotchutbg - about 2 hours ago
Sarius Vn killed Luatzarozz - about 5 hours ago
Sarius Vn and Chessvn killed Hjhj Jhjh - 1 day ago
Trecerax killed Sarius Vn - 1 day ago
Sarius Vn killed Bonopkill - 2 days ago
Khang Depz killed Sarius Vn - 4 days ago
Sarius Vn and Vinh Pro Ok killed Nhatko - 4 days ago
Immortal Fxcker killed Sarius Vn - 6 days ago
Rk Funny killed Sarius Vn - 6 days ago
Thien Game , Sarius Vn and God Bs killed Qqiqiqi - 6 days ago

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