Character Information
Name Sarambambiche
Level 255
Guild Red Skull
Title Gargoyle Slayer III Rare
Last online 1 day ago
Born December 27, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Sarambambiche , Drackkk and Snd Dxztrxctxr killed Juan Fr - 1 day ago
Elite Magick , Fate Tomoe , Baki Hanma Dark , Legend Over Il and Sarambambiche killed Macalino Il - 1 day ago
Antony Gms Rx and Sarambambiche killed Chipcanario - 3 days ago
Sarambambiche , Baki Hanma Dark and Santicrafpvp killed Laosauwu - 5 days ago
Santicrafpvp and Sarambambiche killed Ninjago Unu - 5 days ago

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