Sad Pombo Supporter

Character Information
Name Sad Pombo
Level 515
Guild Determination
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born October 29, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Sad Pombo killed Fdk Il Rickz - about 5 hours ago
Gxd Carlos Alp and Sad Pombo killed Mato Sem Piedad - about 6 hours ago
Social Distance , Sad Pombo , Junim Oliver , Liimpinho , Papai Ta Off and Yuris Insolente killed You Tyt - about 9 hours ago
Sad Pombo and Lm Felipao killed Gxd Nxgrep Il - about 10 hours ago
El Thiago Imd and Sad Pombo killed Ii Topzera Ii - about 13 hours ago
Afox Sz and Sad Pombo killed Uz Madara - about 13 hours ago
Sad Pombo killed Il Pally Man Il - about 15 hours ago
Sad Pombo killed Ninjadosgamesbr - about 16 hours ago
Daarx , Deadshot Lhk , Nicolecull , Cobepl , Demoniczna Hrd , Sad Pombo , Il Nuc Il , Sick Casidy , Lonye and Mic Ar killed Eternal No Drop - 1 day ago
Sad Pombo , Il Roger Fc Il , Rhovanion , Coringa Zic , Gvimbs , Nightmxre Max and Ice Cube Tyrant killed Demon Abxser Sz - 1 day ago
Szakal Bd Jl killed Sad Pombo - 1 day ago
Invalid Sizzed and Sad Pombo killed Lunatic Cloud - 1 day ago
Magemago and Sad Pombo killed Lk Kiritx Lk - 1 day ago
Magemago , Lk Kiritx Lk and Sad Pombo killed Danico Oo - 1 day ago
Sad Pombo , Danico Oo and Lk Kiritx Lk killed Diogo Pro Playe - 1 day ago

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