Ryu Prodigy Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Ryu Prodigy
Level 412
Guild Empire Red
Title Blacksmith II Uncommon
Last online currently online
Born December 20, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Baziadinho and Ryu Prodigy killed Jp Remix - 39 minutes ago
Yuuzinhoxl killed Ryu Prodigy - about 13 hours ago
Heri Magezin Sz , Pain Is Awake and Ryu Prodigy killed Yuuzinhoxl - about 13 hours ago
Ryu Prodigy killed Pain Is Awake - 2 days ago
Jirai Kira Dls killed Ryu Prodigy - 2 days ago
Pain Is Awake , Ryu Prodigy and Nigabi killed Lord Glad - 2 days ago
Smoking Rvt killed Ryu Prodigy - 6 days ago
Ryu Prodigy , Buzz Lightiyear and Execultor Xz killed Evil Alaska - 7 days ago
Sawke , Evil Bzk Xx and Droga Eo Slayer killed Ryu Prodigy - 7 days ago
Evil Bzk Xx killed Ryu Prodigy - 7 days ago
Ryu Prodigy killed Evil Sebozinho - 7 days ago

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