Roxin Gamer Supporter

Character Information
Name Roxin Gamer
Level 379
Guild Genesis
Title Minotaur Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 13 hours ago
Born November 19, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Wax Baby Dragon and Roxin Gamer killed Big Black Wandl - about 14 hours ago
Big Black Wandl killed Roxin Gamer - about 14 hours ago
Xl Eric Xl and Roxin Gamer killed Hatakesen - 1 day ago
Mckaraica , Tanjiro Bdjl and Roxin Gamer killed Hippie Sujo - 1 day ago
Il Kann , Taihan , Roxin Gamer , Azucar Opika and Joao Farm Xd killed Lostzinho - 1 day ago
Roxin Gamer and Azucar Opika killed Isagui Jack - 1 day ago
It Henrizin , Roxin Gamer and Xl Eric Xl killed Bills Mtk - 5 days ago

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