Rokieeeer Supporter

Character Information
Name Rokieeeer
Level 195
Guild Eternal Skull
Title Murderer
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born May 13, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Rokieeeer killed Br Ryzz - about 8 hours ago
Reeekid Acquire killed Rokieeeer - about 18 hours ago
Xl Giet Xl and Rokieeeer killed Mariana Mio - about 18 hours ago
Immortxl Meley and Wp Melee killed Rokieeeer - 1 day ago
Rokieeeer and Danteprots killed Aku Iki - 1 day ago
Rokieeeer and Soky Jr Pk killed Gwarriors - 1 day ago
Dark Shodow , Hengz and Rokieeeer killed Pros Boi - 1 day ago
Rokieeeer , Kuroda Ryuhei and Kuky Cz killed Majo Il Elaina - 1 day ago
Keandrez and Rokieeeer killed Minotour Sad - 1 day ago
Rokieeeer and Not Rbeexd killed Gx Rucxy - 1 day ago
Rokieeeer killed Divine Ritta - 1 day ago
Il Eternxl and Rokieeeer killed Maccici - 1 day ago
Blood Sucker Ph killed Rokieeeer - 2 days ago
Mar Buthans and Rokieeeer killed Dedi Irawan - 2 days ago
Yusuh and Rokieeeer killed Accnew - 2 days ago

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