Cmr Blitzkrieg Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Cmr Blitzkrieg
Level 609
Guild Camorra
Title Defender V Legendary
Last online currently online
Born November 01, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Cmr Blitzkrieg , Hollow Maxy Il , Crushy Snd and Madeleine Rose killed Kon Night Majin - 1 day ago
Ind Knight , Kon Un Sete Un and Cmr Blitzkrieg killed Frxsty Il Bs - 1 day ago
Pela Saco , Darknessgames , Alexgamermexich , Il Lonely Neko and Cmr Blitzkrieg killed Il Juan Bs Il - 2 days ago
Cmr Blitzkrieg killed Dcefeeedc - 5 days ago
Il Enri Bs Il and Lume Bs killed Cmr Blitzkrieg - 6 days ago
Cmr Blitzkrieg killed Lume Bs - 6 days ago

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