Ridho Jk

Character Information
Name Ridho Jk
Level 265
Title Zarron Bravehorn Slayer II Uncommon
Last online about 8 hours ago
Born July 05, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Oldtank killed Ridho Jk - about 19 hours ago
Arrow App , Dir Boy , Oldtank and Ridho Jk killed Pro Ronger - about 19 hours ago
Demonslayerpogi , Ridho Jk and Culprit Op killed Mr Patient - about 20 hours ago
Glory Ind and Uwu Jahq killed Ridho Jk - 2 days ago
Ridho Jk killed Uwu Jahq - 2 days ago
Xbaratax killed Ridho Jk - 4 days ago
Dipta Cool , Muklis Jr , Ridho Jk and Hadi Didi killed Isjsjdjfjsjd - 6 days ago
Ridho Jk killed Mekjambul - 6 days ago
Xavier Bram killed Ridho Jk - 7 days ago
Tatsumitatsumi killed Ridho Jk - 7 days ago

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