Character Information
Name Rhavyy
Level 253
Guild The Of Demos
Title Boss Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born June 16, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Cleitin Il and Rhavyy killed Il Bombado Il - about 3 hours ago
Rhavyy killed Acelolinha - about 3 hours ago
Rhavyy , Teroil and Canaldolinho killed Guilhermbb - about 15 hours ago
Canaldolinho , Teroil and Rhavyy killed Tibia Aragua Pk - about 15 hours ago
Rhavyy and Xx Xibata Xx killed Megaret - about 16 hours ago
Il Cascaes Il , Rhavyy , Xx Xibata Xx and Teroil killed Speczn - about 16 hours ago
Rhavyy killed Ouny - 1 day ago
Josederson and Rhavyy killed Fabricio Bds - 3 days ago
Il Hoky Il killed Rhavyy - 3 days ago
Rhavyy killed Brunohsj - 4 days ago
Lord Spy Joyeux killed Rhavyy - 4 days ago
Lord Spy Joyeux killed Rhavyy - 4 days ago
Rhavyy and Joure killed Itachi Goku - 4 days ago
Rhavyy killed Patouri - 4 days ago
Jjlmp and Rhavyy killed Il Drow Op - 7 days ago

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