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Character Information
Name Revoltzz
Level 285
Guild Mingau I Burritu
Last online currently online
Born September 01, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Revoltzz , Suiryu Moreno and Catemily killed Thalesmr - about 22 hours ago
Smoking Rvt killed Revoltzz - about 22 hours ago
Revoltzz and Ssfelipess killed Eo Torpedo - 3 days ago
Vilao Preto and Revoltzz killed Sara Dias - 3 days ago
Retro Plays , Revoltzz and Il Draion Il killed Ppppqhhhsz - 3 days ago
Kina Of Kaira and Magic Foda killed Revoltzz - 4 days ago
Magic Foda and Domto Snd Il killed Revoltzz - 4 days ago
Revoltzz killed Pamellah - 4 days ago
Japspiontf , Il Rev Il and Revoltzz killed Xvorty - 5 days ago
Eo Joker Rvt killed Revoltzz - 5 days ago
Felipelx and Il Lucife Il killed Revoltzz - 6 days ago
Revoltzz and Faigem killed Lokoabreu - 6 days ago

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