Character Information
Name Rekrap
Level 247
Guild Astro
Title Offline Trainer VI Legendary
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born May 17, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Gm Tony killed Rekrap - about 7 hours ago
Rekrap and Vietnammes killed Synx Mele - about 7 hours ago
Rekrap killed Ix Il Zaa Ix Il - about 8 hours ago
Rekrap killed Gguuyyyyytttrrr - about 9 hours ago
King Lidaf and Rekrap killed Yuuupii - about 9 hours ago
Fz Il Terraria killed Rekrap - about 9 hours ago
El Wuapo Soy Yo and Rekrap killed El Macho Xddd - about 9 hours ago
Rekrap and El Wuapo Soy Yo killed Dddfhhj - about 9 hours ago
Rekrap killed Diegoxddddddd - about 9 hours ago
Yae Miko Il , Rekrap and Crasher Tria killed Vydiee - about 10 hours ago
Rekrap and Zz Kola Zz killed Tippidon - about 12 hours ago
Rekrap and Dnjzjwb killed Pietrotkitko - about 13 hours ago
Matatagi Il , Rekrap and Lospecados killed Rucoyv - about 13 hours ago
Bryanexian , Rekrap and Jonel Gwapo killed Ico Ff - about 14 hours ago
Rekrap , Fz Ii Rat and Matatagi Il killed Bello Panda Il - about 14 hours ago

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