Character Information
Name Reakngi
Level 254
Title PvP Master V Legendary
Last online about 16 hours ago
Born June 17, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Pholaco Of Nkz killed Reakngi - 6 days ago
Reakngi , Escada Cheirosa , Nxsferatu Zodd and God Of Speed If killed The White King - 7 days ago
God Of Speed If , Seinaru Sensei , Il Dark Zeref and Reakngi killed Morbiusjv - 7 days ago
Seinaru Sensei , Reakngi and God Of Speed If killed Cdu Ed - 7 days ago
Reakngi killed Comta Pvp - 7 days ago
Reakngi killed Cuzcuz Red - 7 days ago
Ynxsne and Thedragon Blood killed Reakngi - 7 days ago
Alanpyuwu and Reakngi killed Guerrero Wp - 7 days ago
Virtual Self , Reakngi and Lsmsopslq killed Tha Wisdom - 7 days ago

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