Rc Drako

Character Information
Name Rc Drako
Level 245
Guild Eventos De Dimas Y Drops
Title Archer II Uncommon
Last online about 23 hours ago
Born March 17, 2024
Recent character kills and deaths
Rc Drako and Amiga Veneno killed Angel El Gato - about 24 hours ago
Rc Drako killed Ricardopn - 1 day ago
Slainkworld Fan killed Rc Drako - 1 day ago
Exbay , Xl Shavitha Xl , Rc Drako , Gods On My Side , Tobi Tr and Aze Il Kingdom killed Wariat Skil - 2 days ago
Josjslnsn , Rc Drako and Yhos El Pro killed Xkeynerx - 2 days ago
Vareyuqe , Yhos El Pro and Rc Drako killed Xkeynerx - 2 days ago
Xkeynerx killed Rc Drako - 2 days ago
Kemuelpzz , Rc Drako and Danielelcraft killed Blood Karma Sz - 2 days ago
Rc Drako and Isidrosan killed Angel Cg Maestr - 2 days ago
Ti Low Ti , Rc Drako , Arugrld and Rk Pk killed Dolk Vl - 3 days ago
Ti Low Ti and Rc Drako killed Trusts Worthy - 3 days ago
Rc Drako killed Alanytpomni - 3 days ago
He Train Broo killed Rc Drako - 3 days ago
Mythic Blade killed Rc Drako - 4 days ago
Get Dropped killed Rc Drako - 4 days ago

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