Rauel Online

Character Information
Name Rauel
Level 185
Last online currently online
Born July 23, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Rauel killed Malandriito - 5 minutes ago
Zkaue , Rauel and Shadow Powe Akt killed Richblack - 32 minutes ago
Jeanmatanoob , Mestreclover and Rauel killed Mdemarcos - 33 minutes ago
Rauel and Saimo Shex killed Malaqa - about 3 hours ago
David Italo killed Rauel - about 4 hours ago
Whwiqhxigwhxo and Rauel killed Xxmaou - about 6 hours ago
Kjwwasvshaknbbh and Xxmaou killed Rauel - about 6 hours ago
Nicolasfire , Rauel and Le Gabriel Top killed Il Bambi Il - about 6 hours ago
Mancai , Le Gabriel Top and Rauel killed Luchogod - about 6 hours ago
Assasino Op , Rauel , Piilootoo and Mancai killed Im Still Aive - about 6 hours ago
Rauel and Polarianopro killed Menino Gelo - about 7 hours ago
Rauel , Im Still Aive and Xxmaou killed Mika Iluminatts - about 7 hours ago
Xx Rogerinho Xx , Rauel and Flv Master killed Hitkill Real - about 7 hours ago
Wender Henrique and Hitkill Real killed Rauel - about 7 hours ago
Luqq Di Dibra , Hitkill Real and Rauel killed Kl Sekirmal Kl - about 7 hours ago

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