Raggnnar Supporter

Character Information
Name Raggnnar
Level 150
Last online about 16 hours ago
Born May 15, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Gabrie Az Xx killed Raggnnar - about 16 hours ago
Shaadow Ykz , Raggnnar , Sjsksj and Julia Assassina killed Jkljunior Forte - about 16 hours ago
Leandrozip , Raggnnar and Il Evil Mage Sz killed Igor Natan - about 16 hours ago
Eaefelho and Raggnnar killed Samuelhenrique - about 16 hours ago
Top Zeus and Raggnnar killed Alan Dog Tv - about 16 hours ago
Evil Braz and Raggnnar killed Night Kabal - 4 days ago
Jhosbng , Raggnnar and Fox Alp killed Ranzocapi - 4 days ago
Raggnnar , Erikjjghsjzjaka and Domodomo killed Tl Obito Tl - 4 days ago
Lemabe Nna and Lucf killed Raggnnar - 5 days ago
Raggnnar and Immortal Crazy killed Pro Junior Gg - 5 days ago
Knight Mind , Zztheux and Raggnnar killed Rarakkkkk - 5 days ago
Raggnnar and Zztheux killed Helfrom - 5 days ago
Raggnnar , Ricksonzx and Anonimusdonut killed Castel King - 5 days ago
Cris Topher and Raggnnar killed Samuel Kks - 5 days ago
Raggnnar and Uigu killed Hercules Rcrph - 5 days ago

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