Rafinha Hd Supporter

Character Information
Name Rafinha Hd
Level 353
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born May 19, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Rhovanion , Rafinha Hd and Il Devil Future killed Maloelqrobomiac - about 17 hours ago
Tower Of God Il , Xx Slow Xx , Carlos Kids and Rafinha Hd killed Dark Mimpi - about 18 hours ago
Ric Zone Tyrant , Rafinha Hd , Kon Maryane Sx , Nigth Dilam and Blessing Qts killed Immortal Clown - about 18 hours ago
Rafinha Hd , Krisesbog , Hbs Melee Blood , Alexzay , Guard Of Qts , Death Tenshou and Littleshop killed Blues Stars - about 18 hours ago
Lunatyc Abs , Rafinha Hd , Silveranormal and Magic Lunatyc killed Mrdeadiui - about 19 hours ago
Magic Lunatyc , Ash Magic , Rafinha Hd , Droga Eo Capeta , Hesh Push Me , Poyito and Hhjshghnb killed Silveranormal - about 19 hours ago
Cloud Bd Jl , Rafinha Hd and Magic Lunatyc killed Hhjshghnb - about 19 hours ago
Dziuba Tyrant , Ritx Archer , Levi Sxn , Poyito , Rafinha Hd and Magic Lunatyc killed Cau Be Tia Chop - about 19 hours ago
Rafinha Hd and Joaoabcdefg killed Jeanxdd - about 19 hours ago
Drapton Zzz , Fdk Il Rickz and Rafinha Hd killed Fz Il Hiroshima - about 20 hours ago
Rafinha Hd , Drax Snd Il and Fdk Il Rickz killed Shine Ruby Il - about 20 hours ago
Fdk Il Rickz , Xx Alan Walker , Rafinha Hd , Murilek Tv , Koringa Zs and Nxl Il killed Fz Il Hiroshima - about 20 hours ago
Soy Enrriquee , Whiter Brawl Il , Rucoy Alone and Rafinha Hd killed Moses Aea - about 20 hours ago
Zlima and Rafinha Hd killed Dragon Of Icy - about 21 hours ago
Rafinha Hd and Akt Deidaraa killed Drag Scale - about 21 hours ago

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