Character Information
Name Quesorrayado
Level 359
Guild Vnzla Legion
Title Offline Melee Trainer VI Legendary
Last online about 22 hours ago
Born October 19, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Quesorrayado killed Paizxqb - about 22 hours ago
Quesorrayado and Javiblanco killed Migmaxdd - 6 days ago
Low Op Gg , Elvis Zzzzz and Quesorrayado killed Migmaxdd - 6 days ago
Chupacabrik , Gns Yamato , Quesorrayado , Swyrd and Bill Devill killed Ilove Surtadas - 7 days ago
Quesorrayado and Dtm Nxgrep Sz killed Aniquilaa Low - 7 days ago
Dtm Nxgrep Sz and Quesorrayado killed Porinha Ss - 7 days ago
Aniquilaa Low and Porinha Ss killed Quesorrayado - 7 days ago
Quesorrayado killed Joekx - 7 days ago

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