Character Information
Name Quesadapro
Level 190
Guild Legendary Aces
Title Offline Trainer V Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born February 13, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Quesadapro killed Farekani - 1 day ago
Quesadapro killed Nanssans - 1 day ago
Quesadapro and Zue Ad killed Thiaguinho Pro - 1 day ago
Quesadapro and Coleguu killed Narutocop - 2 days ago
Quesadapro and Ninja Yelow killed Immortal Trainy - 2 days ago
Low Small Girl killed Quesadapro - 3 days ago
Il Anais Lm Il killed Quesadapro - 4 days ago
Li Shodw Li and Quesadapro killed Sla Mo Preguiss - 4 days ago
Quesadapro , Spidyhh and Spleexd killed Elperronmx - 5 days ago
Mk Yt killed Quesadapro - 6 days ago
Xdmathias and Quesadapro killed Komodo Br - 6 days ago

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