Pulpolulpoz Supporter

Character Information
Name Pulpolulpoz
Level 268
Title PvP Master V Legendary
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born February 10, 2024
Recent character kills and deaths
Pulpolulpoz and Mateuswewwe killed El Insano Jajaj - about 8 hours ago
Pulpolulpoz killed El Satan Xd - about 8 hours ago
Wonder Xl and Gabriela Gm killed Pulpolulpoz - about 10 hours ago
El Arasador Lx , Pulpolulpoz and Mateuswewwe killed Wonder Xl - about 10 hours ago
Mateuswewwe , El Arasador Lx and Pulpolulpoz killed Gabriela Gm - about 10 hours ago
Queta Xd , Pulpolulpoz and Sasukeyunior killed Mateuswewwe - about 10 hours ago
Pulpolulpoz and Mateuswewwe killed Miguelqueque - about 10 hours ago
Otchia , Aku Parel , Oliver Bandolaa , Pulpolulpoz and Chelzy killed Puppu Op - 6 days ago
Pulpolulpoz , Chelzy and Mele Aj killed Kim Ma - 6 days ago
Pulpolulpoz and Entity Omen killed Ii Puppu Ii - 6 days ago
Mamatan killed Pulpolulpoz - 6 days ago
Mateuswewwe and Pulpolulpoz killed Riuby - 6 days ago
Mateuswewwe and Pulpolulpoz killed Quwops - 6 days ago

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