Character Information
Name Pankdj
Level 202
Title Rogue Knight
Last online 16 minutes ago
Born May 21, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Pkgehal killed Pankdj - 14 minutes ago
Pankdj and Mage Grifo Il killed Il Chucho Il - about 1 hour ago
Pankdj and Yourjj killed Dariox Wtf - about 1 hour ago
Xavier Saban and Limoncitooooooo killed Pankdj - about 1 hour ago
Pankdj killed Geskjsj - about 1 hour ago
Maateroooi and Il Kevin Black killed Pankdj - about 11 hours ago
Gg Camperin and Pankdj killed Kenzy Archer - about 11 hours ago
Pankdj killed Kenzy Archer - about 11 hours ago
Wp Prinzleigh killed Pankdj - about 21 hours ago
Elsamc and Pankdj killed Jkajnsi - about 23 hours ago
Absolute Xdeath and Pankdj killed Wetef - 2 days ago
Yuriiboy killed Pankdj - 2 days ago
Thunderbatty killed Pankdj - 3 days ago
Lwwwlolowww and Pankdj killed Get Recked Kksk - 3 days ago
Pankdj killed Ghostxdty - 4 days ago

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