Overlord Sz

Character Information
Name Overlord Sz
Level 287
Guild Determination
Last online about 23 hours ago
Born September 14, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Overlord Sz killed Loderwat - 4 days ago
Akt Kiriito killed Overlord Sz - 4 days ago
Overlord Sz , Fenix Snd Il and Kon Bonini Il killed Snd Devil Il - 4 days ago
Overlord Sz and Dar Master killed Mashiiro Il - 5 days ago
Vmdh and Sad Bruno Sz killed Overlord Sz - 6 days ago
Overlord Sz and Pedroarturxd killed Ares Knight - 7 days ago
Il Modi Il and Overlord Sz killed Arius Toro - 7 days ago
Overlord Sz killed Il Momito Il - 7 days ago

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