Oni Loup Supporter

Character Information
Name Oni Loup
Level 435
Guild Next Generation Soldier
Last online about 13 hours ago
Born January 30, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Phantom Delassz , Wings Falcon , Oni Loup , Xendra Fruit , Btb Nebuleuse , Oitavo Anjo Il and Vondorf Sz killed Kaskader Bm - 3 days ago
Vondorf Sz , Immortal Hrd , Sup Nez Perce , Oni Loup , Dan Reper and Demon Bull Sz killed Il Deadly Crz - 3 days ago
Vondorf Sz , Yhwach Xl , Oni Loup and Immortal Hrd killed Midx - 3 days ago

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