Odin Strike

Character Information
Name Odin Strike
Level 315
Last online about 15 hours ago
Born November 13, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Fernando Nks and Odin Strike killed Eoboob - about 14 hours ago
Odin Strike and Evil Magell killed Ultra Il - about 21 hours ago
Momonga Gown and Vengeful King killed Odin Strike - about 21 hours ago
Ix Lowzin Ix and Odin Strike killed El Gatossss - about 21 hours ago
Evil Destiny , Showbow and Odin Strike killed Eo Hidan - 1 day ago
Sad Sasori Il killed Odin Strike - 3 days ago
Black Skul killed Odin Strike - 6 days ago
Odin Strike killed Panchuloss - 7 days ago
Odin Strike killed Wiliantop - 7 days ago

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