Ninja Weedah Supporter

Character Information
Name Ninja Weedah
Level 385
Guild Ninja
Last online 1 day ago
Born April 20, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Ninja Weedah killed Demonik Essence - 1 day ago
Blackout Lkz killed Ninja Weedah - 2 days ago
Blackout Lkz killed Ninja Weedah - 3 days ago
Ll Deker Nmy , Ninja Weedah and Ninja Dectar killed Dikko Snake - 3 days ago
Shirai Kae Kae killed Ninja Weedah - 4 days ago
Shin Death Bdjl and Ninja Weedah killed Speedzik Htd - 6 days ago
Ninja Weedah and Shin Death Bdjl killed Nihilism - 6 days ago
Ninja Lazitos , Ninja Uc Zip , Ninja Weedah , Il Zeyfow Il and Ninja Zacrow killed Kot - 6 days ago
Baron Suizuki , Vashion Il and Fly Vise killed Ninja Weedah - 6 days ago
Baron Cutthroat , Ninja Weedah and Psyko Bdjl killed Light Kan Eu Il - 6 days ago

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