Niarfegame Supporter

Character Information
Name Niarfegame
Level 295
Guild I Union Sovietica I
Title PvP Master V Legendary
Last online 28 minutes ago
Born March 04, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Zombiestein Dos and Niarfegame killed Xx Hip Hop Xx - 5 days ago
Niarfegame and Super Chill Guy killed Sharkeyraw - 5 days ago
Samuel Sanchez and Niarfegame killed Bonekp - 6 days ago
Mjardcegf Ma killed Niarfegame - 6 days ago
Ya Tvoi Strax killed Niarfegame - 7 days ago
Ferchis Xd and Niarfegame killed Il Skiller Ilop - 7 days ago
Niarfegame and Kaosoxndnwkaomx killed Il Skiller Ilop - 7 days ago
Abajo Los Geys and Niarfegame killed Il Leonard Il - 7 days ago

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