Nekro Marquet

Character Information
Name Nekro Marquet
Level 204
Guild Otakus
Title Avenger
Last online about 6 hours ago
Born July 28, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Nekro Marquet , Wallace Hp Dois , Il Holtz Il and Xl La Nena Xl killed Arthuurbarbosa - 6 days ago
Nekro Marquet and Manipuladorhs killed Evil Caue Il - 6 days ago
Nekro Marquet killed Likinho Jl - 6 days ago
Tenebrinha Vl , Nekro Marquet and Propold killed Sou Lopo - 6 days ago
Nekro Marquet killed Wilson Qui - 6 days ago
Zinitsu Mst , Nekro Marquet , Tk Rushmax , Negro El Que Le and Op Takashi killed Coveiroxp - 7 days ago

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