Narusaka Supporter

Character Information
Name Narusaka
Level 664
Guild The Hussary Crew
Title Lava Golem Slayer VII Legendary
Last online 42 minutes ago
Born April 18, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Necramancer Yr , Narusaka and Divine Player killed Escanor Bd Jl - about 2 hours ago
El Diiablo Mami , Narusaka , Anh Ti Ti , Kira Spy , Bravo Qts and Nora Valkyriee killed Il Mythic Luck - about 2 hours ago
Alacrya Of Fz , Narusaka , Fang Fang , Xpischr Quintes , Bravo Qts , Hahungthinh , Distance Noce and El Diiablo Mami killed Now Its Over - about 2 hours ago
Narusaka killed The Most Wanted - about 20 hours ago
Zalypa Mamonta and Narusaka killed Feka Purate - 1 day ago
The Mythical Il , Narusaka and Mogh Farm killed Ilow Dist Il - 1 day ago

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