Character Information
Name Mzdedepou
Level 254
Guild Demons Of Destruction
Last online 43 minutes ago
Born January 28, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Mzdedepou , Zeltro and Eoboob killed Felipedutraboss - about 3 hours ago
Zeltro , Crystofer Cunha , Espartano Akt and Mzdedepou killed Pyroclasm - about 3 hours ago
Mzdedepou , Husk Yor and Ixi Low Lxa killed Mano Telpiz Sz - about 3 hours ago
Gutks killed Mzdedepou - about 3 hours ago
The Magic Sz and Xx Good Mage Xx killed Mzdedepou - about 6 hours ago
Outuboss and Mzdedepou killed Bos Kiler - about 6 hours ago
Outuboss , Wod Of War and Mzdedepou killed Xx Good Mage Xx - about 6 hours ago
Mzdedepou and Wod Of War killed The Magic Sz - about 6 hours ago
Weesley , Mzdedepou and Umutys killed Italoggg - about 17 hours ago
Mzdedepou killed Ddiii - about 17 hours ago
Mzdedepou and Shadowzbr killed Il Carl Il - 1 day ago
My Name Nathan , Darknorious and Mzdedepou killed Lucashenri - 1 day ago
Mzdedepou and Verdinhooo killed Pop Mestre - 1 day ago
Magic Rainbow , Mzdedepou and Elgsto killed Joyzera Il - 1 day ago
Il Natsu Dr Il , Shadow Immortal , Mzdedepou , Yagosouza and Elgsto killed Energonn - 1 day ago

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