Muerte Viva Supporter

Character Information
Name Muerte Viva
Level 535
Guild Real Empire Dauntless
Title Haunted Willow Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 21 hours ago
Born October 02, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Muerte Viva killed Xxluisgg - 6 days ago
Maximo Warrior , Korone Il Rbs and Muerte Viva killed Shadowburst - 6 days ago
Muerte Viva and Korone Il Rbs killed Ninja Vk - 6 days ago
Muerte Viva and Maximo Warrior killed Kaotics Dead - 6 days ago
Yuriih Rlp , Demon Itachi Vc , Fallen Jerry Zz , Muerte Viva , Evil Odinn , Fallen Tom Zz , Evil Shx and Strange Man killed Prominence Mago - 7 days ago

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