Mellis Jin Supporter

Character Information
Name Mellis Jin
Level 320
Guild The Chaos Insurgency
Title Mage
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born December 11, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Mellis Jin killed Guiwarriorffj - about 8 hours ago
Mellis Jin and Ellyson Il killed Il Lowzao Il - 1 day ago
Mellis Jin killed Luan Bdbs - 1 day ago
Freniks Mini killed Mellis Jin - 2 days ago
Evil Stifodaun killed Mellis Jin - 2 days ago
Mellis Jin killed Dark Gm Rucoy - 2 days ago
Mellis Jin and Comandos Ll killed Of Akt Pally - 3 days ago
Ive Been Here and Mellis Jin killed Nepesabroso - 7 days ago
Fallen God Deus and Mellis Jin killed Jadherlizano - 7 days ago

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