Mayara Ui

Character Information
Name Mayara Ui
Level 335
Guild Watch Dogs
Title Boss Slayer VI Legendary
Last online 44 minutes ago
Born December 18, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Mayara Ui and Luiz Robeto killed Bryan Maurino - about 23 hours ago
Vt Quebradeira and Mayara Ui killed Il Shk Low Il - about 23 hours ago
Rato Atomico Hp killed Mayara Ui - 1 day ago
Zz Leo killed Mayara Ui - 2 days ago
Zz Leo killed Mayara Ui - 2 days ago
Mayara Ui killed Vahzsu - 3 days ago
Mayara Ui , Heryx Dist , Twisted Tea , Alex Temineior , Il Yake Mxgic , Zefino , Cosyt , Arc Her and Xl Waterbow killed Opioids - 3 days ago
Wax Baby Ninja killed Mayara Ui - 5 days ago
Mayara Ui , Rato Atomico Hp and Yama Script killed Abyss Anomaly - 5 days ago
Eo Kami Hp killed Mayara Ui - 5 days ago
Krs Nyx and Krs Itachi Sz killed Mayara Ui - 7 days ago
Mayara Ui , Devil Escannor and Hulk Mage killed Eo Kashi Rsrs - 7 days ago
Light Gabriel , Silent Hill Pcr , Kirito San Xrt , Naelrs , Mayara Ui , Mauro Nieto , Rayz Wds and Gcqgsahgchxshg killed Eo Tikronos Sz - 7 days ago

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