Character Information
Name Maximmi
Level 300
Guild Elves Live Forever
Last online 40 minutes ago
Born December 15, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Tha Destroyer killed Maximmi - about 14 hours ago
Erjnjnj and Maximmi killed Il Faculexx Snd - about 14 hours ago
Josue De Moura , Vitor Fo , Maximmi and Hdbdhddjddjj killed Bbbbbbbbaa - about 14 hours ago
Maximmi killed Nachogonza - about 16 hours ago
Diablo Vl , Davidlps and Bull Kroon killed Maximmi - about 17 hours ago
Qt Brolly Kdj killed Maximmi - about 18 hours ago
Lordre and Maximmi killed Ytttrajhhjkkwqs - about 20 hours ago
Dellon Of Lok killed Maximmi - about 21 hours ago
Merce Il Do Il killed Maximmi - about 21 hours ago
Kon Rizzrapttor killed Maximmi - about 21 hours ago
Maximmi killed Erjnjnj - about 21 hours ago
Blater and Jaadeyn killed Maximmi - 2 days ago
Maximmi and Jaadeyn killed Tahia Djazz Sn - 2 days ago
Bozkurt Reiz and Maximmi killed Loligerboss New - 2 days ago
Angel Rvt , Kon Magnata and Ghost God Il killed Maximmi - 2 days ago

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