Mago Quer

Character Information
Name Mago Quer
Level 144
Guild Ultimate Squad Usd
Title Lizard Slayer
Last online about 5 hours ago
Born September 27, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Leanardo Gb killed Mago Quer - about 22 hours ago
Narutomil killed Mago Quer - 1 day ago
Mago Quer and Imntlevi killed Biaah Xl - 3 days ago
Pan Ls killed Mago Quer - 4 days ago
Eduardoloureiro and Mago Quer killed Chitzu - 4 days ago
Happy Than Ever killed Mago Quer - 4 days ago
Snd Dei and Mago Quer killed El Mano Sebas - 6 days ago
Gu Lk , Mago Quer and Weltonwk killed Vini But - 6 days ago

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