Character Information
Name Lucrezio
Level 221
Guild Il Princes Of Hell Li
Title Kamon the Cursed Slayer
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born September 26, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Tannuky Il Crm killed Lucrezio - about 6 hours ago
El Mago Rd and Cruhy killed Lucrezio - 1 day ago
Magic Vv killed Lucrezio - 1 day ago
Lucrezio , Lili Kum , Jesusjijija and Eerokdjd killed Il Evil Il Xz - 1 day ago
Lucrezio and Muchulin killed Demon Op Il - 1 day ago
Lucrezio , Santiago Udos , Alz Skala and Rey Adbi killed Alexis Day - 2 days ago
Wenamechin and Lucrezio killed Demon Op Il - 2 days ago
Rxhxghxzgjctsrd , Lucrezio and Love Of Peace killed Lt Lucy Op Lt - 2 days ago
Lucrezio killed Wdxw Sxz - 2 days ago
Ilx Mage Ilx and Lucrezio killed Atsuko Chan Il - 2 days ago

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