Lucioashahs Supporter

Character Information
Name Lucioashahs
Level 334
Guild Spirit Never Die
Last online about 24 hours ago
Born November 17, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
The Khaotic Il killed Lucioashahs - 2 days ago
Shao Khan , Lucioashahs and Renan Po killed Skill Cob - 3 days ago
Lucioashahs and Il Cerberus Il killed Bloody Ninjah - 3 days ago
Willpba , Rei Thiagoo and Lucioashahs killed Akt Denlex - 3 days ago
Il Vilao Il and Lucioashahs killed Gustavo Gg Mega - 5 days ago
Lucioashahs and Patiife killed Fumei Veneno - 5 days ago
Patiife and Lucioashahs killed Riantopgamer - 5 days ago

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