Lucashfpzxt Online

Character Information
Name Lucashfpzxt
Level 345
Guild Brasil
Last online currently online
Born March 15, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Lucashfpzxt killed Xl Top Mage Il - 14 minutes ago
Lucashfpzxt and Xl Top Mage Il killed Trevas Da Noite - 17 minutes ago
Petoi killed Lucashfpzxt - 19 minutes ago
Hell Of Gurd , Il Sad Eduxd Il and Sbk Killua killed Lucashfpzxt - 24 minutes ago
Lucashfpzxt killed Star Butherfly - 33 minutes ago
Full Lv killed Lucashfpzxt - 41 minutes ago
Bdjl Diablo Sz killed Lucashfpzxt - about 8 hours ago
Encharcadoo and Lucashfpzxt killed Aloisiogg - about 8 hours ago
Akt Deivy , Lucashfpzxt , Devil Shark and Pungsis killed Snd Lewy - about 8 hours ago
Devil Shark , Lucashfpzxt , Pungsis and Akt Nervozo killed Snd Lewy - about 8 hours ago
Snd Mata Pato killed Lucashfpzxt - about 8 hours ago
Lucashfpzxt and Emanoel Supremo killed Farm Do Master - about 10 hours ago
Lucashfpzxt killed Shadow Kitkat - 1 day ago
Lucashfpzxt and Mashiiro Il killed Archer Infinity - 1 day ago
Rei Thiagoo , Lucashfpzxt and Il Xand Alqd killed Sir Noob Killer - 2 days ago

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