Lluliana Uwu

Character Information
Name Lluliana Uwu
Level 266
Guild Real Empire Dauntless
Title Vampire King Slayer
Last online about 11 hours ago
Born January 20, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Il Mela killed Lluliana Uwu - 5 days ago
Gxd Lxrrows Vl and Lluliana Uwu killed Hls Terpy Dabz - 5 days ago
Lluliana Uwu and Gxd Lxrrows Vl killed Lust Xx - 5 days ago
Il Dark Killers , Lluliana Uwu , Elridergt , Djgfddgt and Ninjagooooooo killed Shakey Bonez - 6 days ago
Lilith Queen killed Lluliana Uwu - 6 days ago

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