Lexwel Supporter

Character Information
Name Lexwel
Level 308
Guild Akatsuki
Last online 40 minutes ago
Born January 27, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Narow Dois and Black Fate killed Lexwel - about 23 hours ago
Abuser Is Awake and Lexwel killed Cv Coelhin - 1 day ago
Saske Uno , Lexwel and Blc Nemo killed Lk Kiritx Lk - 1 day ago
Brenner Jm and Lexwel killed Jare Doido - 1 day ago
Brenner Jm and Lexwel killed Danico Oo - 1 day ago
Toukin Da Pcc killed Lexwel - 1 day ago
Il Yaroslav Il and Lexwel killed Kevin Shelby - 4 days ago
Lexwel killed Jockz Rcy - 5 days ago
Snd Coriza Il killed Lexwel - 5 days ago

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