Levipvp Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Levipvp
Level 418
Guild Revoltz
Title Knight
Last online currently online
Born April 06, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Lil Suigetsu and Levipvp killed Mob Xigeo - about 7 hours ago
Levipvp and Claysonxl killed Mglzim - about 9 hours ago
Levipvp killed Kerito Of - 4 days ago
Kerito Of killed Levipvp - 4 days ago
Levipvp killed Taihan - 4 days ago
Eo Noturno Hp , Levipvp and Farxodov killed En Santi - 4 days ago
Over Mxrtezs , Levipvp and Eo Noturno Hp killed Mckll - 4 days ago
Eo Noturno Hp , Il Mr Red Il , Mckll and Levipvp killed Magic Quiver - 4 days ago
Eo Noturno Hp and Levipvp killed Mckll - 4 days ago
Rentax , Im Draco and Levipvp killed Il Hibri Low Il - 4 days ago

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