Leviagiuar Online

Character Information
Name Leviagiuar
Level 301
Guild Aviso De Boss Ricos
Last online currently online
Born June 10, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Linfocito and Leviagiuar killed Kzzzk - about 1 hour ago
Leviagiuar killed Sherloki - about 16 hours ago
Rhode Island and Leviagiuar killed Ozzy Da Slayer - about 18 hours ago
Boraco Negrof , Mib Emilia , Leviagiuar and Broadkiller killed Falajv - about 22 hours ago
Leviagiuar , Loadiing and Il Lockhead Il killed Mib Emilia - about 22 hours ago
Akt Rucoy Tt , Loadiing and Leviagiuar killed Falajv - about 22 hours ago
Marceloyfh , Sidgamerjj and Leviagiuar killed Matida - about 24 hours ago
Sidgamerjj and Leviagiuar killed Mario Esau Ok - about 24 hours ago
Leviagiuar , Telpis Ez and Aimflick killed Mib Emilia - about 24 hours ago
Leviagiuar and Adiraell Th killed Mib Emilia - about 24 hours ago
Celo Farm St and Fire Wizzard Il killed Leviagiuar - 1 day ago
Leviagiuar , Shoroke and Ksrl killed Tedyziinho Abs - 1 day ago
Leviagiuar , Bolsonaro Mitto , Que Santi De Pe and Xx Lost Family killed Shaodow Mate - 1 day ago
Sxpremo Sz killed Leviagiuar - 2 days ago
Leviagiuar , Nice Guy Of Snd and Real Scarecrow killed Hezrom - 2 days ago

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